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Website Copywriting

Holistic Medicine Website

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Earlier this year, I was commissioned to help with copywriting and copy editing for a naturopathic doctor's website. I collaborated with the web designer to better understand the client's needs and expectations. We focused on building trust and credibility using a friendly, informational, and empathetic voice.

Copy changes for General Wellness Treatments

Copy created from scratch for Fertility Treatments

A screenshot of the live website with revised copy

Ad Copywriting

Video Game Ads

Before leaving Seoul, I worked at Krafton Game Union with a team getting ready to release a dungeon crawler RPG. As a Language Quality Assurance Tester, I was mainly responsible for reviewing the game's UI text strings and play testing. However, I also assisted with marketing efforts by drafting Steam content and ad copy.

Since the game featured an apocalyptic Mist, a ticking Doomsday Clock, and permadeath (i.e. characters have only one life), the copy highlighted these elements.

Twitter ad copy

Google ads copy

My copy for a TwitchCon handout (front side). I was provided with basic details about the Partner Program and designed this 3-step layout.

The final product completed by the team

My copy for a TwitchCon handout (back side)

The final product completed by the team

MISTOVER and all related content is © Krafton Game Union. Used here with permission.

Blog & Article Writing

Education Blogs

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While working as a Senior Counselor for InGenius Prep, I contributed to our company's blog for prospective college applicants. I always kept in mind our audience: growing teenagers anxious about the college admissions process. My explanations were kept clear and simple. I sometimes used a humorous tone to relieve any stress students might feel, while staying serious enough to maintain credibility as a topic expert.

Magazine Article

K-Hip Hop: Searching for Authentic Koreanness (Google Docs)

In this piece for NOVAsia Magazine, I examine the origins and growth of hip hop in Korea, as well as its sometimes problematic tendency to appropriate from non-Korean cultures. At the time, I was fascinated by the challenges posed by Korean culture and language in creating an authentic Korean hip hop scene.

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