Nice to Meet You😌

Hi, I'm Asher, a UX Writer & Content Designer
who loves wordplay and art toys.

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What I Do

My name is Angela Lee Sherman (I go by Asher, for short). I'm  a freelance UX writer and content designer. I bring together user research and branding strategy to produce powerful content, digital copy, and in-app text that speaks to the right audiences.

Formerly, I was a college admissions consultant and editor/translator. My transition into UX was propelled by an appetite for creative expression and new beginnings. In mid 2020, I completed UX Writing Fundamentals, a certification course by UX Writer's Collective, as well as UX Writing Academy by UX Writing Hub. Since then, I've been applying my skills to projects with nonprofits, small businesses, and individual clients.

Career Highlights

I've done these jobsπŸ’»

  • UX Writer
  • Educational/College Admissions Consultant
  • Editor & Proofreader
  • Language Quality Assurance Tester
  • Korean-English Translator
  • Editor-in-Chief of a graduate student publication
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant

I've worked with these peopleπŸ’Ό

  • Baola
  • Lucid Fox
  • Reboot & Recover
  • Krafton Game Union
  • InGenius Prep
  • Seoul Metropolitan Government
  • ASEAN-Korea Centre
  • consulting, publishing, and webcomic companies
  • working professionals and students

I've studied at these schools🍎

  • Yonsei Graduate School of International Studies in Seoul, South Korea, which I attended through the generosity of the Korean Government Scholarship Program
  • PNU International Language Institute in Busan, South Korea, where I learned 1000 hours of Korean (hardcore mode!)
  • The University of Chicago in Illinois, where I realized my interest in race and ethnicity studies after 2.5 funny-but-kind-of-awful years doing pre-med

Random Tidbits

Celebrating a friend's bday with cafe lattes, rainbow cakes, and art toys

Playing with the SNOW app filters

"On Wednesdays, we wear black."

What I'm Up To

☁️ practicing minimalism, mindfulness, and meditation
✍️ writing cathartic creative nonfiction and poetry
πŸ“• admiring Field Notes  and bullet journals
🎡 messing around with free DAWs

Personality Thingies

Current Bookshelf

To read and reread

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